About the Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science (CS) is one of the seven divisions of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, of the National Technical University of Athens (http://www.ece.ntua.gr).

The Department of Computer Science coordinates the following subjects, that are basic for the major of Computer Science: theory of computation, hardware, software, computer systems, information systems, human-computer interface.

The Department of Computer Science was created after the reorganization of the School in 2000 and stems from the old division for informatics, wich was founded in 1982. The following professors served as chairpersons of the department since 2000: Georgios Papakonstantinou, Andreas-Georgios Stafylopatis, Yannis Vassiliou, Stefanos Kollias, Stathis Zachos and Kiamal Pekmestzi.

The Department of Computer Science supports the following fields: theoretical computer science, system software and applications, databases, hardware and computer systems, microcomputer systems, intelligent computer systems, content analysis, and human machine interaction . Approximately one fourth of the students of the School of ECE select Computer Science as their major.